“…we have fellowship with one another…” 1 John 1:7

Dear Friends,

By the time you read this, Rev. Sylvain Ilunga and Jane Wise will be returning to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. We have enjoyed a great privilege in meeting Pastor Sylvain, the District Superintendent of the Kasenga District in the South Congo Conference of the United Methodist Church. We enjoyed catching up on the important work Jane Wise is doing alongside Sylvain. Churches are being built and renovated. The Jane Wise School (the first United Methodist School in the District) is up and running with more classrooms to be completed. Three hundred children will be enrolled in primary and secondary classes. New farming ventures are being supported. Nuru Ya Mapendo is employing people, hosting conferences, supporting pastors, and is the headquarters of the Kasenga District.


Jane and Sylvain enriched our worship. Jane Wise preached on United Methodist Women Sunday and Sylvain preached on two different occasions for us. Each of them helped serve communion and served as liturgists. Sylvain was especially impressed with our Christmas Eve Worship Services. Each of them led educational programs. We shared meals together. Sylvain attended the Saturday Morning Men’s Prayer Breakfast. Sylvain spent a day visiting in homes and hospitals with me. Church Council also met with the dynamic duo.

The picture that accompanies this article shows Sylvain in the cargo bay of a C-124 airplane at the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum. Sylvain met with my Clergy Cluster Group for Breakfast and we then spent several hours at the museum.

Church of the Cross is blessed to have a connection to the people of Africa where Sylvain and Jane are serving God. May the Kingdom of God flourish in Kasenga!



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