Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart to revere your name.           Psalm 86:11


“The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.”
Alfred North Whitehead


Dear Friends,

Truth is so important. God wants to lead us into truth. We do not want to build our lives on lies or misinformation or fear. The Psalmist asks for an undivided heart to revere God. A divided heart and mind is an anxious one. Truth involves our emotions as well as the facts. Recently, I attended a workshop sponsored by the Miami Valley and Ohio River Valley Districts, entitled “The Right Start: Beginning Ministry in a New Setting” I learned numerous tips about entering wisely into a transitional time. After talking with some of you who are experiencing this change, I realize that although I am experiencing this transition as a whirlwind, many of you are left wondering what is going on. Forgive me that the flow of information has not been better.  

So a few updates— I am excited about Pastor Gus Christo-Baker coming to Church of the Cross. I have spoken with him and we pledged our support for each other in this transition. I sensed he has a compassionate spirit. I found him to be articulate, understandable, flexible, and filled with anticipation about the new possibilities before him. He has met most of the COTC staff and he has found housing! Interestingly enough, I learned from my daughter Rachel that he thought I was retiring! I am not retiring. I am moving to Shiloh UMC in Cincinnati trusting God will use my gifts to support their mission. Furthermore, I recently got a date wrong about an event celebrating Shiloh’s 200th year anniversary. Thank God for grace to cover my lapses with details!

We are hoping to buy a house in Delhi Township in Cincinnati. Shiloh UMC decided to sell their parsonage and give us a housing allowance. We have been looking, but no house yet. We have not placed our house on the market, but we are trying to get there with lots of painting and a few repairs. Despite all our efforts, it appears we will not have a house before I begin the new job on July 1. What will we do? Most likely, I will move in with my mother. Mary Lynn will continue the house hunt and join me for necessary functions at Shiloh until all gets settled. As many of you know, Mary Lynn is the director of HavenHope, our residential ministry for women in recovery. This ministry is stable and Mary Lynn will continue by working one day a week until the end of the year while mentoring someone who is considering the position.

My last Sunday is June 24. The 9:30am worship is devoted to VBS. The 11am worship will be our farewell. The worship will include lots of music, my sermon, and a few tears. A reception follows in the Social Room. I hope you can be there to celebrate our ministry together. The first Sunday with Pastor Gus follows on July 1. I know you will extend to him the same hospitality and support you have given to our family through the years.



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