New Community Foundation for Kettering Grant

The Church of the Cross Mission Areas Work Team was recently granted $3,000 for home repair projects for individuals or families in need in the City of Kettering. We have been granted numerous projects through this foundation and have completed dozens of projects in the City of Kettering. Past projects have included window replacements, bathroom and kitchen repairs and remodels, roof repairs and various other projects. We have helped elderly individuals recovering from medical conditions, low income families and low income retirees.

The Community Foundation for Kettering is a foundation started by longtime Kettering resident and dedicated volunteer Lucille Seitz in 2000 in memory of her husband, Frank H. Seitz. Upon her death, the Seitz family made a lead gift of $1.3 million to the Foundation. A booster of all things Kettering, Mrs. Seitz was inspired to enhance the quality of life in her beloved community. Her vision was to provide the critical funding that would allow local nonprofit organizations to enrich the lives of Kettering residents through charitable, educational, cultural and recreational activities.

Thanks to the many donors who have followed the Seitz family’s lead, the initial gift to start the Community Foundation for Kettering has continued to grow. Their generosity has allowed the Foundation to distribute more than $800,000 since its inception and Church of the Cross Missions Work Team has been a beneficiary of these grants.

The projects, run by COTC Missions Work Team, are typically powered by volunteer labor from COTC members and the grant dollars are used to acquire supplies and occasionally hire contractors for tasks were additional professional services are needed.

We are currently looking for additional projects to complete for the recently received grant dollars. The beneficiaries need to reside in the City of Kettering and should have a reasonable financial or medical condition preventing them from completing the requested project. If you know of an individual or family in need of a helping please have them contact Tim Grinstead at 937-429-8576 or to learn how they might be able to benefit from this mission program provided by the Church of the Cross Mission Areas Work Team.