2017 Community Foundation Grant Project Complete!

The Church of the Cross Mission Team is happy to report that three home improvement projects were completed with the Kettering Foundation Grant funds we manage.

The first project was the repair of brick on an elderly woman's home who had gaping holes in her house allowing air to easily infiltrate the interior of the house. The second project was the repair of a roof for local man whose roof was leaking water and causing the ceiling to fall in and the third project was for a single mom of three who needed multiple projects completed in order to have safe and functional electric as well as exterior doors she could lock.

This last project require a large team of volunteers in order to complete the work in a timely fashion. The first work weekend found COTC resident electrical experts Paul Evenden and Dave Washburn along with light bulb holder Tim Grinstead at the house to complete a series of repairs. The planned repairs included the installation of GFI outlets, the addition of a new breaker to prevent an overloaded circuit from continually occurring and the replacement of receptacle covers and light fixtures. The unplanned work included Paul finding and fixing a dangerous safety hazard of an exposed wire that could have resulted in a fire or electrical damage if not repaired. The group worked quickly and completed these projects on a Saturday morning. 

The second part of this home repair project involved removing and replacing the frames and doors for three exterior doors to the house. The existing doors were either in a poor state or could not be locked due to frame damage. A large team consisting of job foremen’s Ryan Adams, James Kent and Kevin Robillard lead a team of workers including Andrew Grinstead, TC Holtz, Brian Wood, Greg Orbash and Tim Grinstead. Guest appearances by Amanda Crouch and Kyle Crouch (after he was enticed by lunch) also occurred as they helped clean up after the work crew finished and returned the house to order. The job took approximately 6 hours and resulted in three new, insulated, lockable, steel doors being installed for the appreciative home owner.

Thanks to everyone who was able to help on these projects as they would not have been possible without our volunteers. A special thanks to Becky Grinstead who helped "herd the cats" and keep the projects organized and running smoothly!

Look for future opportunities next year as we have expended the current grant dollars based on these three projects but will look to apply for the next round of grants in the spring.

Tim Grinstead
Kettering Grant Coordinator
Mission Areas Work Committee