Missional Church Consultation Initiative (continued)

Acceptance of this invitation signifies a commitment on the part of COTC, both clergy and laity, to partner with the WOC in a process designed to help us grow in ways that we can only imagine. Through an intensive consultation and coaching process that typically lasts 2-3 years, the goal is not only to envision a brighter future for COTC (which we have done numerous times), but also to enable us to achieve it. We will begin by taking a hard look at ourselves and assessing such diverse aspects as our prayer life (Are we merely going through the motions?), finances (Where does our money go vs. where do we want it to go?), and community outreach (Are we concentrating just on ourselves, or are we reaching out to the community around us and working to bring people to Christ?). The Conference’s MCCI resources will assist us to figure out where we are, where we want to go, and how we will get there.As a church matures, it is possible for it to shift from being a spiritual movement to being merely an organization. It can become more focused on its own maintenance than on God’s mission. The vision of the MCCI is to assist churches in turning their focus outward again and to help them implement their own visions for the future.

This initiative will require a lot of work, by a lot of people. Ideally, everyone at Church of the Cross will get involved. Your first opportunity to get involved is coming up in September or in October. The dates set aside are on Saturday, September 7th, from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM, at Van Wert UMC OR Sunday October 6th, from 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM, at the West Ohio Conference Center in Worthington. At least five lay people from COTC are needed to accompany Pastor Gus at a Breakthrough Prayer Initiative training event. This team will then use what they learn to lead the implementation of COTC’s own congregation-wide Breakthrough Prayer Initiative, the first step in our MCCI journey. The Breakthrough Prayer Initiative forms the foundation of the MCCI. After 8 years of MCCI partnership involving more than 130 congregations across the WOC, the implementation of Breakthrough Prayer has shown itself to be the single greatest factor contributing to a church’s revitalization. Several videos describing the experiences of various churches with Breakthrough Prayer can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/showcase/3611968. If you are interested in joining the COTC Breakthrough Prayer Initiative Team, or if you want more information, please contact Pastor Gus.

Also in September, on the 12th, Pastor Gus will participate in his first MCCI Pastors Cohort training day. This training brings together the pastors of all the churches who are participating in the same “flight” of MCCI for monthly day-long training/coaching sessions for a period of 12-18 months. It is anticipated that each month, Pastor Gus will bring back additional projects to step us through our self-study.

Following the completion of a comprehensive self-study, probably a year from now, the entire congregation will be invited to take part in a “Resource Refocusing” event during which we will collectively discern where God wants COTC to be going. Watch the e-Reporter and Sunday bulletins for more information on this part of the MCCI process, as well as updates on our self-study projects and more ways for you to become involved.