News from Rev. Sylvain Ilunga Tshikala

Kasenga District Superintendent of the South Congo Conference

Rev. Sylvain Ilunga works with missionary Jane Wise in Kasenga of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As District Superintendent his income is dependent on churches to set aside a portion of money each month. This money pays for a home that rents for $30 a month and he is to receive an equal amount for pay.

The churches are so poor that often Sylvain does not receive his full pay. Even if he did, the full pay would not be enough for his family to survive. Poor and difficult conditions in Africa cause subsistence living. Most of the people in the South Congo Conference live on less than $2 a day. Recently, mostly from gifts received from our Church School classes, Church of the Cross sent $800 to Sylvain which he received on August 2. He and his family were so joyful and overwhelmed with the gift! It took $250-300 to get his children all their school supplies, uniforms, and shoes for the year.

Sylvain hopes to come to the United States in December and January. During these two months he will speak at our church in a variety of settings and visit other churches to help raise money for Nuru Ya Mapendo. This gift of $800 will give Sylvain some travel money for his trip and fund his family needs while he is in the USA. Sylvain is eager to thank everyone in person when he arrives. Sylvain met Jane while he was a student at Africa University in Zimbabwe where he received his degree in theology in 2009.

Sylvain has been married to Dorcas Tshikala for nineteen years. Together they have six children, five boys and one girl. Their daughter is named Jane!