Our Vision

Church of the Cross is a growing community of faith where Jesus Christ changes lives. We welcome the Holy Spirit so all will discover their God-given gifts and delight in sharing the love of Christ in the community and the world. Grace so pervades the atmosphere of the church that questions, doubts and fears can be honestly expressed and every person is loved, respected, nurtured and celebrated.   (See our Mission Statement below.)

Our Youth's Vision

We will create a place where Jesus Christ can change lives: ourselves, our friends, our church family and our community. This will be a place to which teens are drawn, where each person is loved and respected, nurtured and celebrated; where questions are allowed and doubts and fears can be openly expressed, and where someone will care; where caring and Christian love are living values practiced by our members and demonstrated by our service to others; where Jesus Christ is honored and praised with joy and celebration through diverse worship, relevant study, mission, fun and excitement.

Children's Ministry Vision


Church of the Cross' ministry to children affirms that children are precious gifts of God. As a congregation we strive to help children know God through a personal relationship with Jesus.




Mission Statement of
Church of the Cross United Methodist

We, the community of faith called Church of the Cross United Methodist are children of God and brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Our beliefs are based upon scripture, reason, experience, and tradition, and are confirmed by community worship which includes the sacraments of our faith. Our beliefs are further confirmed by prayer and teaching, by serving others, and through fellowship with one another.

Ours is a ministry of equipping people to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ so that all may know God's love, peace, and joy.

We acknowledge with our forebears, Otterbein and Wesley, that the world is our parish, and we confess that all that exists belongs to God who has entrusted it to the care of our stewardship. Therefore, as responsible stewards, we support mission endeavors in our community, our country, and throughout the world.