United Methodist Women is a group united by their common interest and support of missions throughout the world.

Their particular focus is mission with women and children. At Church of the Cross, we carry out our purpose through small groups called Circles. Circles meet monthly to study, worship, work and fellowship together. Once each quarter the entire unit meets for a special program. Times of the meetings vary to accommodate women at home and women employed outside the home. Any woman who is interested in the mission of the church is invited to join a circle.


UMW Circle Schedule

Leah Circle - 1st Sun., 6:00 pm (location varies)
Working women with children of all ages.

Susanna Circle - 1st Tue., 6:30 pm (church parlor)
Accommodates working women with evening activities.

Sarah Circle - 1st Thur., 10:30 am (church parlor)
Friendly and varied-age group supporting local and global missions.

Ruth Circle - 2nd Wed., 10:30 am (church parlor)
A multi-age group that also enjoys Christian book reviews.

COMING SOON! A new Circle
Age 20s-30s who put faith into action.

Want to Join a UMW Circle?

Do you want to cultivate new friendships while doing something worthwhile benefiting those in need locally and internationally, then look to your church’s United Methodist Women’s group. UMW extends a warm invitation to every woman of any age. See times and locations above.

Book Review

book review.jpg

When Did Everybody
Else Get So Old?

By Jennifer Grant

I was expecting a book that would give me some great tips on how to handle my approaching eighties and nineties. Jennifer is in her fifties – so when she talks OLD I think MIDDLE-AGED.

Her memoir is a lovely combination of funny, touching, sad, and thought provoking stories of her maturation through her forties. One chapter retells her relationship with her sister and handling her sister’s death. In other chapters she tells us about the launching of her oldest child, then the youngest child, then facing health scares. By the end of the book she is discovering “herself” with more time, energy, and finances to choose a calmer, more caring life.

This book is on the 2019 UMW Reading List. It is available in our Parlor on the UMW bookcase to your left.

Submitted by Sharon Morrison