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A Message from Pastor Gus

Easter Day marks the high point of the Christian year; and on April 21st the Community of Faith celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We praise God for the opportunity to celebrate what to us is the foundation of our faith.

As we celebrate Easter and demonstrate faith in our risen Lord, how could we as United Methodists forget the outcome of our 2019 General Conference special session?

No doubt, the church is alive, empowered by the Holy Spirit and, shall continue with the mission of making disciples for the transformation of the world. But let’s be honest, the church is also in agonizing pain because even though some are overjoyed others are disappointed, due to the decision of the special General Conference.

As United Methodists, are we to continue letting all we come in contact with know our hearts, our minds, and our doors are always open? Open to all just as they are! God grant us grace to prayerfully consider the true meaning of the church as an inclusive community.

It’s Easter 2019 and because of the resurrection of Jesus, people everywhere are given the hope of meaningful lives. As such my friends, celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus the Christ, celebrate your faith in Him, and remember in words and actions, those excluded.