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This year Church of the Cross celebrates 175 years in the denomination now known as United Methodist

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While Church of the Cross' heritage goes back to one of the oldest settlements in this area (1799), our history in the denomination begins in what was known as "The Old Stone Church" built on the south side of Indian Riffle Pike (Dorothy Lane), approximately 1,000 feet west of Wilmington Pk. It was in this building, in 1844, that a United Brethren congregation was formed and put on a circuit with Carrollton Church, becoming the first United Brethren Church to be established in the greater Dayton Area.

In 1853 the congregation built, and moved into a small brick building along Wilmington Pike immediately south of where Church of the Cross now stands. This building was badly damaged in a storm and a new church was built and dedicated in 1896 (above).

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The congregation changed names and buildings several times throughout the years, but in 1966, the Beavertown Evangelical United Brethren built a new structure at 3121 Wilmington Pike and changed its name to Church of the Cross Evangelical United Brethren.

In 1968 the Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist denominations merged and became United Methodists. And once again, our church changed its name... this time to Church of the Cross United Methodist.