Work and Spirit

Scripture: Mark 1:12-13

Speaker: Rev. Dr. John Whitaker

We are called to work. When Jesus begins his ministry he is led by the Spirit into the wilderness. Work and Spirit go together. The quality of our work cannot be separated from the quality of our human spirit. Jesus wrestles with temptation. We must know ourselves. We must love ourselves. There are wild beasts and angels among us.

A Call to Worship

Scripture: Psalm 50:1-6

Speaker: Rev. Dr. John Whitaker

God summons us to worship. God can come in silence. God can come in glory. Regardless of how God makes God's presence known, we are called to worship. Worship is for those on the mountain and in the valley. God does not necessarily need our worship, but the essence of worship is thanksgiving. We are to bring to God our thanksgiving.

Nothing Personal

Scripture: Mark 1:29-39

Speaker: Rev. Dr. John Whitaker

Jesus has a long day of interruption, self-giving, and healing. He arises early to pray and people come and announce everyone is looking for him. Jesus could have been offended. Jesus takes nothing personally. He knows who he is and what he has come to do. It is easy to choose to be offended. Jesus chooses his mission as a Servant of the Lord. Whenever we feel offended, the choice of love is before us.

Sacrificial Servants

Scripture: John 12:23-26

Speaker: Jane Wise, Rev. Sylvain Ilunga

There are thousands of books written for Christians on leadership, but very few written about servanthood. The world tells us that we should desire to be leaders rather than servants, but the truth is that God's desire for us is to be a servant. By laying aside our striving for advantage, security and pleasure, we can serve God lovingly and freely.