A Daily Practice

Scripture Acts 4:32-35

Speaker: Rev. Gus Christo-Baker

Three thousand people accepted the Good News of Jesus Christ after Peter delivered his first sermon! In this passage of Acts we find a description of the early church community. The believers were one in heart and mind and shared everything they had. We too as Christians are called to share with those who have little. Even the smallest acts of kindness can make someone else's day.

When Love Meets Fear

Scripture: I John 4:18 - 5:1

Speaker: Rev. Dr. John Whitaker

Fear reduces our ability to be ourselves. When we are afraid, we feel something awful is going to happen. We fear judgment and rejection. We can even fear loving and being loved. Divine love casts out fear. We must admit our fear. Feel our fear. Declare the love of God. Risk loving in the midst of fear. Act in faith--fear is no longer in your way.