Work and Suffering

Scripture: Mark 8:31-38

Speaker: Rev. Dr. John Whitaker

Work that focuses primarily on success and profit will soon erode the human spirit. Jesus speaks about his purpose and suffering. The work of the Christian involves suffering. We must not avoid legitimate suffering. Christians are called to follow Jesus. Christians must embrace self-denial and reject values contrary to the will of God. Work that glorifies God is not done to please the powerful. We must not be embarrassed by the Jesus who absorbs suffering rather than conquering enemies. We work for eternal values not temporary ones.

Work and Spirit

Scripture: Mark 1:12-13

Speaker: Rev. Dr. John Whitaker

We are called to work. When Jesus begins his ministry he is led by the Spirit into the wilderness. Work and Spirit go together. The quality of our work cannot be separated from the quality of our human spirit. Jesus wrestles with temptation. We must know ourselves. We must love ourselves. There are wild beasts and angels among us.