Celebrating the Ministers of Church of the Cross

Scripture: James 2:14-18

Speaker: Mr. Joe Gerstle (Lay Leader)

Christian Action is God's love made visible. God's love is freely given to us. When we have developed a relationship with God and accepted His love, Christian action--service to others-- will flow out of that relationship. This message outlines steps to take toward Christian action.

Steadfast Love Endures Forever

When the people of God tried to make sense out of the resurrection, they returned to their Bible. None of the Gospels were written. They returned to the Psalms and Isaiah. In this Psalm God's steadfast love endures forever and the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. The cross could not kill the steadfast love of God. Resurrection!

Scripture: Psalm 118:14-24

Speaker: Rev. Dr. John Whitaker